INEX’s LED Con­troller (4 iNtel­li­gent chan­nels) is a solu­tion for illu­mi­na­tion sys­tems used in kiosks, gam­ing machines, vend­ing machines, etc. It is a light­weight solu­tion for clients who are inter­est­ed in the wide range of advanced ani­ma­tions iNtel­li­gent strips offer, but do not need as many as 16 chan­nels our sec­ond board (I‑ELC16) sup­port­ing iNtel­li­gent LED strips has.

I‑ELC4N may work either autonomous­ly in accor­dance with a pre-programmed sce­nario or while being dynam­i­cal­ly con­trolled from a host via USB

We pro­vide our clients with a dri­ver and a test appli­ca­tion which helps to explore all the ani­ma­tion options offered by LED strips of choice.


Data sheet

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